Subzero Ice cream Front Store
Subzero Ice cream Front Store
Welcome to Sub Zero Ice Cream, where we've been proudly serving up authentic creamy soft serve since 1988. Nestled in the heart of Winnipeg, our staple ice cream shop has been a go-to destination for ice cream enthusiasts across the city.
Subzero Icecream Front Shop
Our creamy soft serve is crafted from real cream of 100% Canadian dairy, and serves as the base for each of our delightful creations. 

Whether you're in the mood for classic soft serve, hard ice cream, parfaits, sundaes, flurries, milkshakes, traditional banana splits, or ice cream sandwiches, we have you covered with our wide variety of premium ingredient toppings and flavors, ensuring there's something to satisfy every craving.
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What truly sets us apart is our incredible selection of over 80 unique ParfaitsEach parfait is a delicious signature creation that you won't find elsewhere. 
We proudly offer a vegan vanilla ice cream base made from Canadian oats for our dairy-free friends.
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What truly sets us apart is our incredible selection of over 80 unique Parfaits. Each parfait is a delicious signature creation that you won’t find elsewhere.

We proudly offer a plant-based vanilla ice cream made from 100% Canadian oats for our vegan and dairy-free friends.
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Sub Zero Ice Cream is a proud women-owned business. Let us introduce you to the driving force behind our delightful creations and decisions—Linh, our passionate and dedicated ice cream shop owner. 
Linh - Subzero Icecream Owner

Linh Le

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Linh - Subzero Icecream Owner

Linh Le

Our goal is to create premium soft-serve and curate unique, delightful ice cream flavors using top-tier mixtures and the freshest ingredients for toppings, all crafted with the top-of-the-line ice cream machines and equipment for top quality.
Sub Zero Ice Cream Inside Shop - Our StorySub Zero Ice Cream Interior Shop
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At Sub Zero Ice Cream, we’re not just about serving ice cream, we’re about creating unforgettable moments. Every scoop at Sub Zero Ice Cream is a celebration of flavour and joy.

From first-time visitors to our cherished regulars, we look forward to welcoming you with a smile and serving up a delicious treat that keeps you coming back for more!

Come join us and experience the difference!



Jenna Buchanan

Sub Zero is a good among ice cream shoppes. There is no alternative. Sub Zero helps me achieve nirvana. I don't know happiness until I'm eating a Sub Zero parfait. 

If i knew I was going to die tomorrow, I would spend the rest of my time trying all the parfaits.
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Sub Zero has everything from plain cones to waffle cones with sprinkles, sundaes, and parfaits which are available in a vast variety of flavours. 

There has always been a line up when I have been here and it sure is worth the wait.
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One of the best ice cream places around especially when anytime I go in summer it's always packed outside and in with great selection as well as great ice cream. 

Definitely recommend to anyone in the area

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Sub Zero is one of my favourite places to go for parfaits. They have many different options and everything so far has tasted great. My dog loves the little treats. Customer service is very friendly and quick!

Editing to add that delivery is also fantastic. The parfaits arrived in great condition and extra care was taken in the packaging. Highly recommend!

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Gadi Glogowski 

Small ice cream parlor with tons of options to pick from. You can get your classic banana split, soft serve and parfait. The staff was friendly and patient with our order.

No indoor seating but they do have outside seating with a small parking lot on the side. I had the oreo cheesecake parfait and it was very good.
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Took the kids here for the first time today. My son had 2 scoops of the bubble gum, my daughter had the green forest, and I have the fudge mint perfait.

The setting was nice, and we enjoyed our ice cream at the picnic table outside. Was a good experience, and the price was alright. All in all, I recommend a visit. We will be returning as they have many more perfaits we want to try.
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Vicky Enns 

What I love about this soft-serve ice cream is that by the time you get to the bottom of the cup, it is still ice-cream rather than having melted to a creamy mess. And such variety!!
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Chris Middleton 

A real hidden gem. A million and one options. I could go there every day during the summer months and still not have tried everything. 

Cute and cozy inside. Family owned and operated and has an old school feel to it. I highly recommend that you check them out.
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Anna Banana 

A must try this summer!! Loved their parfaits and milkshakes. I will definitely comeback to try for more flavours. Glad that they do have the matcha parfait which was really phenomenal! 🍨 🍦
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Meagan Huges

My partner and I visited Sub Zero this past Sunday during a heat wave and we couldn't have been more impressed! 

The ice cream was so delicious and the service was quick and friendly. 

The ice cream sandwiches were the best I've ever had!
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Brent Brentnall

After many year of passing this place and wo during I finally stopped in for a treat. I was not pleasantly surprised but shocked how tasty the 2 parfaits we sampled were. 

Many other agreed with us as we sat enjoying out treats people came and left. Although it is completely out of our normal area we will definetly be back to sample more items!

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Mario Alvarez

The soft serve vanilla ice cream was creamy yet silky at the same time. Incomparable. The peanut butter and fudge sauce was ribboned through the Larsen parfait.

The atmosphere in Sub Zero is relaxed, small enough to fit 4-5 people at once, clean and organized. Very friendly and prompt service!
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